Work experience

Year 9 Getting Ahead

Oaklands School uses Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership to run a whole year group conference to prepare students for the world of work by encouraging them to think about the skills and qualities they have as well as those they may need to develop or improve.

Each conference is divided into various workshops which introduce key Work and Life skills such as making a good first impression, listening and communicating, understanding employer expectations, working in a team, problem solving, applying for a job, developing good interview skills, and so on.

Year 10 Work Experience

Through Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership, Oaklands School runs a one week Work Experience placement for all students in Year 10.

This offers the opportunity to spend a short period of time in a real workplace. Students complete a range of work-related tasks and learn key skills and knowledge.

This hands-on approach develops the attitude needed to succeed throughout their working lives while being introduced to the roles and structures of the modern workplace.

On a placement, the employer provides meaningful work for the student and provides an overview of different aspects of the organisation. Students should behave and be treated as if they were in a real job. They normally work the same hours and accept the same discipline as others in the workplace.

Benefits For Students:

  • Increased maturity, initiative and decision-making ability.
  • Adding relevance to course work.
  • Finding out about the world of work and employer requirements.
  • The experience of working with adults as part of a team.
  • Developing communication and interpersonal skills.
  • The ability to make to make better informed decisions about their future.

Year 11 Head to Head

Head to Head is a practice interview programme for students to help them apply for jobs or gain access to higher education.

Volunteers from Business are brought into school for the day to hold mock interviews with Year 11 students, giving constructive feedback after each interview.

Practice interviews can make the difference between success and failure in the job/college selection process. They allow students the chance to prepare for real interviews and to receive supportive feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of their performance in a practice interview.

Year 12 & 13 Health & Social Care Work Experience

Students studying Level 3 Health & Social Care BTEC need a minimum of 100 hours completed Work Experience in order to pass the two-year course.

Oaklands School runs a two-week Work Experience placement for Year 12 students and then a further one week programme in Year 13. Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership provide some support with finding places but we also encourage students to secure their own placements, at least for one of the weeks, as we believe the skills needed to do so prepare them well for the world of work. Placements are more specialised than those found in Year 10, with Health and Social Care being of primary importance in the roles.