Our students


I absolutely love Oaklands for its liveliness, excitement for knowledge and the opportunities it offers us as students.

  Anisa Zahra, 10 Pine


I just wanted to write and say how impressed I was with... (the ambassador)... who showed us around the school today... She was warm, enthusiastic, open, intelligent and articulate and is a fine ambassador for the school. 

Prospective Parent. 


What is your name and year group?

Yusuf Ibrahim
Year 8, Pine

Do you have any responsibilities linked to your role?

I am part of the group of year 8 buddies. Our job is to help out the new years 7s and introduce them to the school. They know who we are so they can come to us at breaktime and lunchtime if they need to. We also took part in their induction day events and spoke to their parents on open evening to answer questions.

What has been the highlight of your time at Oaklands so far?

Oaklands is a home away from home, I feel very comfortable and supported here. People are nice and I have made lots of new friends. I also like the food at lunchtime!

What is your favourite subject or best part of being part of Oaklands?

I am really enjoying science, particularly Chemistry. We have been learning about acids and alkalis and the pH scale, where we use indicators to check the pH of something by the colour it changes to. I really enjoy doing practical work.

How has Oaklands helped you to achieve your goals?

I get supported academically here. All the teachers and TAs are supportive and happy to help us. In maths recently we were learning about quadratic sequences, which was really hard at first but Ms Begum helped me until I could do it.

What are your plans/ambitions for the future?

I’m not sure what job I want to do when I am older, but I know that I want to get all grade 9s at GCSE. I also want to join the Duke of Edignburgh programme. After that I want to go to a good University to do either medicine or something to do with computers. Hopefully somewhere like Oxford or a good London University.

What advice would you give to younger students?

The way that you treat people is the way that you should expect to be treated. Oaklands has helped me have a forward thinking view and consider other people.

I would recommend Oaklands because……

It is a very nice place to be with a warm atmosphere. It is full of kind people who have good relationships with each other. We get lots of support so that we can all do well. 


Student Ambassador Profile


Faiza Khatun

Why did you want to become an ambassador?

I wanted to increase my confidence and learn new skills, such as improved communication (particularly with adults) and the ability to working in a team with others. I think I have already improved these things and it is helping me in my studies such as in GCSE drama.

What does your role involve?

We welcome people to the school and show them what Oaklands offers. While we show them round we share our own opinions and how we feel about the value of the school. We also help parents when they visit on parents evenings and open evenings.

What do you see as the strengths of your school?

Oaklands values student voices, and it is a school that puts students first. The ambassadors are evidence of this because it is our voices and opinions that visitors hear. Our education gets put first too and we are supported to achieve.

What has been the highlight of your time at your school?

Meeting new people here has been the best part. It has allowed me to explore my own identity, for example I never thought I would be confident enough to put myself forward for things like being an ambassador but I really enjoy it. When I started at Oaklands I was the only person here from my primary school but it didn’t matter at all.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I am not sure about my career yet, but I know I want to do some voluntary work for a charity soon. I also hope to do well enough to get to university to study a language like Spanish.