The governing body is made up of representatives from parents, staff, the community, local business and the Local Authority.

We work closely with the Senior Leadership Team to shape the future of Oaklands and decide its priorities. We are all very proud to be associated with Oaklands and to play a part in its success.

However, we do not take success for granted. The school will only continue to improve with hard work and a willingness to take on new challenges. So if you have views about how the school can improve, please feel very welcome to send your suggestions to us through the contact details on this website. 

Peter Sherratt
Chair of Governors

Governing Body 2018/19


  • Patrice Canavan OBE

Co-Opted Governors

  • Peter Sherratt – Chair/Health & Safety Governor
  • Amy Suddards - Careers Strategy Governor
  • Emma Charles
  • Jessie Anand
  • Michele Inniss

Parent Governors

  • Zainab Yasmin - Vice Chair/Chair of Staffing Committee
  • Ismail Ibrahim
  • Jharna Yasmin
  • Leena Barakah

LA Governor

  • Fr. Adam Atkinson - SEN/Safeguarding Governor

Staff Governor

  • Iain Lawson


  • Lorraine Feyi-Shonubi

Associate Governors

  • Jason Bonning
  • Steven Farmer
  • Simon Ramsay
  • Srividya Srivathsan

Finance Committee

  • Peter Sherratt - Chair
  • Patrice Canavan - Executive Headteacher
  • Fr. Adam Atkinson
  • Emma Charles
  • Jessie Anand
  • Ismail Ibrahim
  • Jason Bonning (Associate)
  • Simon Ramsay (Associate)
  • Steven Farmer (Associate)
  • Srividya Srivathsan (Associate)

Staffing and Curriculum

  • Zainab Yasmin (Chair)
  • Patrice Canavan (Executive Headteacher)
  • Fr. Adam Atkinson
  • Amy Suddards
  • Kiran Mahil
  • Michele Innis
  • Jason Bonning (Associate)
  • Simon Ramsay (Associate)
  • Steven Farmer (Associate)
  • Srividya Srivathsan (School Business Manager)

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