Careers Programme 


Oaklands School believes that every child should be helped to make the right choices for their progression, in order to achieve their personal best. Our vision for careers guidance is that all learners need a planned programme of activities to help them choose pathways that are right for them and to be able to manage their careers, sustain employability and achieve personal and economic well-being throughout their lives.

We endeavour to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to investigate and enter their chosen professions. By assisting students with decisions at key stages in their school life, providing information about options and introducing them to the world of work, we aim to prepare them for their chosen career.


Specific aims of CEIAG at Oaklands are;

  • to raise students’ aspirations and broaden their horizons,
  • to provide advice and guidance which empowers students to make informed decisions at key transition points,
  • to provide good quality and impartial careers advice that helps students on their journey,
  • to provide opportunities for students to experience workplaces and encounter employers and employees,
  • to increase knowledge and skills needed to assist students with their journey,
  • to support individuals and promote equality of opportunity.


Oaklands Students’ Career Journey


Year 7

When I grow up

Students are encouraged to think about their future career.

Students take part in a Career Experience centred around skills needed for different types of jobs.

Year 8

Explore and Inspire

Students receive support to help them understand their future career options and make suitable subject choices.

Students attend a Careers Fair to find out about different careers.

Aim to Attain Programme available for a group of students; includes work and university visits.

Year 9

Me and GCSEs

All students and their parents attend a Choices Evening to think about KS4 options and to start the conversation about the suite of qualifications and attributes needed to succeed in the modern jobs market.

All students take part in Getting Ahead Programme run by EBP which focuses on employability skills.

Bridge the Gap (Queen Mary University): opportunity for aspiring dentists and medics – runs from KS3 to KS5.

Year 10

Getting there

All students receive one to one guidance and support on their CVs and are provided with interview practice; provided by business mentors. (Head to Head Programme - EBP).

Students attend a Careers Fair to investigate the careers they are interested in.

A small group of students can apply for business mentoring through Lloyds of London; pupils gain important insights into the world of work, learn valuable skills for the future and become more confident and independent.

Year 11

Post 16 goals

Students receive one to one guidance regarding their options after school.

Step Up Programme: New College Oxford. Continues into KS5. (Involves various visits and workshops.)

All students encouraged to attend Sixth Form Open Evening to learn about post 16 options.

Year 12 & 13

Post school preparation

Year 12: All students are offered the opportunity to attend a residential visit to a university outside of London. All students attend a HE Convention. Taster sessions and university open days are advertised to all students and students are encouraged to attend at least one. Students have access to careers guidance form an independent advisor. All students are encouraged to complete work experience and are supported in securing this. Various mentoring programmes exist which students can apply for.

Year 13:Students receive support with applying to UCAS, apprenticeships and the world of work. 

All H&SC students complete work experience (two weeks in year 12 and one week in year 13).

Overview of Careers Programme at Oaklands School



Key Events

Autumn Term 

Key Events

Spring Term 

Key Events

Summer Term 



  • ‘When I grow up’ - tutor activities 
  • Insight events - linked to interests / skills identified



  • Introduced to START programme
  • Careers Fair
  • START modules



  • Getting Ahead DDD1
  • Sample GCSE lesson in all subjects
  • Guidance on option choices
  • Options Evening
  • START modules



  • Interview with careers advisor (throughout the year)
  • Careers Fair
  • Head to Head



  • Guidance on Post 16 options
  • START Modules
  • 6th Form Taster Sessions



  • Individual Careers Interview with trained advisor throughout the year (in yr12 or 13)
  • Personal statements, UCAS and apprenticeships preparation throughout the year
  • Various work experience opportunities, university schemes, taster days etc available
  • START Modules throughout the year
  • Visits to Universities DDD1
  • H&SC two weeks WE
  • Visit to Higher Education Fair
  • Visit to Leeds University



  • Individual Careers Interview with trained advisor throughout the year (in yr12 or 13)
  • Support with Post 16 applications
  • H&SC one week WE

Optional activities

Year 8

  • Aim to Attain
  • Bridge the Gap - Queen Mary- aspiring medics / dentists

Year 12 and 13

Year 9

  • The Girls’ Network - mentoring programme

  • Barts Widening Horizons 
  • The Girls’ Network
  • 1 Million Mentors
  • Lloyds Business Mentoring
  • Aim to Attain
  • Garden Court Law Chambers mentoring scheme
  • Scholars Programme - Oxbridge / Russell Group potential
  • Budding Brunels
  • Creative mentoring Network
  • UCL Target Medicine
  • Social Mobility Programme

Year 10

  • 1 Million Mentors 
  • Lloyds Business Mentoring

Year 11

  • Step Up: Oxford University


In addition, several other activities occur throughout the year for all year groups, e.g. outside speakers from universities / industry, insight days, visits, career workshops etc.