Oaklands' Community Change Makers

                                                                                                                                                                              Oaklands has its first group of Community Change Makers! Students in Years 10 and 11 participated in a social activism leadership programme made possible by a partnership between Toynbee Hall and Oaklands School. It’s aim was to empower young people push for and bring out change in their communities through a series of practical workshops. It culminated in the production of a zine charting the students’ ideas.

Through this, students have learnt how to win an argument, compel others to listen, and to work effectively in teams to represent issues that are important to them. They performed their ideas in the historic Ashbee Hall, where the students shared their powerful thoughts about equality, support for mental health and rethinking education during a series of impassioned performances.

Their zine, which will be deposited in Youth Club Archive, soon to become the Museum of Youth Culture, allowed students to have their voice heard now and in the future. The publication was created entirely by the students with graphic novel input from Toynbee Hall’s Resident Storyteller, Kashif Vaughan.

Students are now well equipped to turn their ideas into campaigns for positive social change that will have a long lasting impact. We hope that the skills and passion developed during this leadership programme will be shared with other young people as we consider how to transform the Community Change Makers into permanent